Interim Management

Interim management is particularly suitable if you have a short-term personnel bottleneck or are seeking a successor in the longer term, are planning a change of location, need leadership for your team, want to set up new processes or tackle and implement restructuring. Benefit from our many years of leadership and management experience.

IN ALL AREAS, GMC Gabriele Mühlen Consult

provides services on a project basis as well as in interim management. The interim solution can take place in-house for an extended period or can be designed in a flexible and agile way. We provide hybrid services, for example, including in-house person-days with digital support, digital-only person-days (by means of virtual conversations and conferences, use of accompanying tools such as Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Miro) as well as digital or live training on-site. Just as it suits you and your company’s concept and budget

Our offer

Leadership of in-house projects
Innovation and digital transformation
Chief editorial office, editorial management
Process and workflow management
Organizational development
Leadership of teams during the search for successors
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